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Empowering incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women
We work to build alliances, collaborations, and networks to creates positive changes in policies that negatively impact women involved in the criminal justice system.
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New Beginnnings Reentry

Clients learn to express feelings appropriately, improving their social skills and relationships while strengthening the innumerable roles they play in their personal and professional lives. There has been a discovery that those who received drama therapy  show a significant improvement in their self-image, self-esteem, and self-discipline. We have obtained the property in the Boston area to holistically provide reentry services for women, and offer them the highest chance of success to permanently return to their families & communities.

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NBRS Women’s Empowerment House

Our mission is to work to reduce recidivism by advocating for and providing services to women who are returning to local neighborhoods and communities. We work to build alliances, collaborations, and networks to create positive changes in policies that negatively impact women.

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So grateful for New Profit/Unlocked Futures and John Legend and my fabulous Cohort team of organizers doing this work of freeing our people from cages!! But we have work to do!!!! Please make your donation today!!! We are grateful for you!!
Empowering incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women
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Massachusetts Reentry Resource Guide

Boston – February 24, 2021 – New Beginnings Reentry Services (NBRS) announced today the release of its first edition of its, “Massachusetts Reentry Resource Guide.” Stacey Borden, Founder of NBRS said, “We are so proud to release this first of a kind resource guide for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Our Resource Guidebook was designed by women for women to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women better understand Massachusetts and federal laws regarding reentry issues such as voting rights, registration laws, health, education, housing, and employment resources.”

Stacey went on to say, “New Beginnings Reentry Services, Inc., anticipates receiving hundreds, if not thousands of letters and emails from currently incarcerated individuals and their families requesting the proposed Guidebook.
Stacey said, “We believe the Guidebook will serve as a catalyst for our emerging women’s justice movement, empowering currently or formerly incarcerated Massachusetts women, or family members regarding their rights and resources available to them post-incarceration.”

A link to the guide is available HERE or you can get a hard copy for a marginal fee (donation) and shipping cost, by contacting New Beginnings Reentry Services at:

At New Beginnings Reentry, we champion empowered communities in their efforts to dismantle and create alternatives to existing systems. We prioritize their power and self-determination, placing the community at the forefront of reform. Through collaborative efforts, we facilitate co-creation of solutions, making advocacy more accessible. By meeting people where they are and amplifying local voices to policymakers, we empower communities to drive solutions and disrupt oppressive systems, including the carceral system and racism in courtrooms.

Empowered communities establish systems that they own and control. They tackle racism at the grassroots level by crafting alternative structures to replace existing systems. In co-constructing these new models, communities draw upon their strengths, centralize their power, and foster a sense of belonging among members. These models deliver a wealth of opportunities for individuals, including access to education, creativity, financial literacy, and comprehensive healing services, enabling them to pursue self-actualization. Grounded in themselves, individuals gain empowerment and fortitude in their efforts to dismantle systems of oppression.

Transforming policy and building advocacy capacity, empowered communities profoundly impact the lives of formerly incarcerated individuals as they become equipped to advocate for change. By reimagining advocacy to meet the needs of our community members post-incarceration, we tap into their skills and strengths to drive meaningful change. Empowering individuals with the tools and opportunities to advocate not only amplifies their voices but also enhances their ability to influence policy and create systemic transformation. Through this approach, we harness the full potential of formerly incarcerated individuals as change-makers within their communities, fostering a culture of empowerment and resilience.

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As we work to empower Incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

Roxbury organization hosts resource fair for people who had been incarcerated

New Beginnings Reentry Services
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New Beginnings Reentry Services
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