New Beginnings Reentry Services

NBRS GoFundMe Challenge
GREAT NEWS! We are extended the silent auction, giving you all more time to check out the amazing items above and place your bid.

Donate to GoFundMe Challenge Here!

Instructions for the GoFundMe Challenge Silent Auction:
  • 1. Add the auction email to your contacts:
  • 2. Open the NBRS website and scroll down on the home page to GoFundMe Challenge silent auction items:
  • 3. Email with your bid on items you are interested in. They will be numbered on the website so please include the number that matches the item you are interested in with your name and your bid.
  • 4. Note that all items will start at a minimum bid of $50, the book will start at a minimum bid of $12, and the minimum bid for copper jewelry is $85.
  • 5. Please make your biggest bid!

We will email you a confirmation message if you have won the item you bid on and send you instructions on what to do next! Thank you all for your continued support!